Top Casino Myths Debunked – Casino Myths Which You Shouldn’t Believe

Going to a casino, there will always be these wild stories which people like to tell. Their betting and gambling strategies which have paid out, big time. These things are often stories, which should be regarded as such. Commonsense should be used when possible and the stories examined, whether by asking professionals or looking them up online. Enough data can be gathered on any subject to determine whether it is true or false. The same can be said of casino myths, specifically those which encourage people to continue gambling so that they would win. Time has passed and myths have been debunked, so here are the top myths which you should know of.

Casinos Pump Oxygen to Keep You Awake

There was an article back in 2006, published by the BBC, no less, which stated that casinos pump oxygen to keep customers awake, as well as pheromones, to make them gamble more aggressively. These are both impossible and illegal in more ways than one. Tampering with air supplies is illegal in so many countries of the world. Secondly, pumping oxygen is a fire waiting to happen. The more oxygen, the bigger the fire. There are no ways of influencing gambling through air manipulation. Gambling habits have to do with a human’s psychology and habits in general, not the air they are breathing.

A Slot Machine is Bound to Give You Money After a Moneyless Streak

This myth is one of the reasons people return to slot machines, even though they had already lost a lot of money. Slot machines are bound to pay you money after they have paid customers no money. This has gone so far that people actually watched who played on which slot machine and whether it had a payout.

Slot machines are run by random number generators, so the outcome is completely random. You might win today, or ten years from now, there is nothing which might point to a win in a slot machine’s recent or non recent payout.

Gambler’s Fallacy – It’s My Turn to Win

If you played 10 games and the odds of winning were 10%, your win is overdue, right? Just one more game and you will win that jackpot?

This is one of the biggest fallacies of gambling. Your odds of winning are always the same, no matter your previous results. Your odds are not added, they remain the same. This way, you might end up with another 10-game losing streak.

These are some of the popular casino myths which are completely untrue. Remain focused and gamble responsibly. Always check the facts before placing a bet rather than trusting your emotions to win, or more likely, lose you money.